Stock Portfolio Loans

Security Based Lending – The Equity Alternative


This type of lending is based on eligible securities such as publicly traded stocks, bonds, MTN’s, T-Notes and mutual funds.


  • Below Market Interest Rates – fixed rates from 2.5% to 4.5%
  • High Loan Values – loan to security value ratios up to 80%
  • Non-Taxable event – as the securities are not sold
  • No Credit Reporting –nor is it reported to public records
  • Borrower Retains All Market Appreciation – borrower receives the benefit of any dividend or interest that the securities generate
  • This is a Non-Recourse Loan – a loan with no personal liability
  • Loan Proceeds May Be Used For Any Purpose – personal, business, etc.
  • Eligible Securities Include – publicly traded stocks, bonds, options and mutual funds.
  • Flexible Terms at Loan Maturity - the borrower may renew the loan, refinance, extend the terms or pay off the loan
  • Prompt Response to Your Loan Inquiry – usually within one business day of receiving the security information. Funds can be deposited into the borrowers account in three to five business days once the contract is signed and the transfer takes place.


The stock must be free-trading without any restrictions.

Simple Steps

  • Complete the Express Quote Form listing the names of your securities, their stock symbol along with the number of shares
  • Upon receipt, a loan proposal will be quickly drawn up to determine loan amount and interest rate
  • If you agree to the terms, the next step will be to provide proof of ownership for each of the stocks, bonds or options included in list
  • Values will be verified and within days loan proceeds are transferred into your bank.